kids art, children's art, diplay kids art, modern art, transformed kids art, recycled kids art, contemporary art

I recycle your children's drawings and turn them into modern works of art.

Created in Montreal - Shipped worldwide
kids art, children's art, diplay kids art, modern art, transformed kids art, rcycled kids art

You have creative kids?

You have accumulated quantities of art and craft items over time?


You are wondering what will happen to all those precious memories that are now stored away in a box?




by email or by phone

Now that you have collected all your children's original drawings and craft items without sorting any of them (the more, the better), we will discuss your collage project.



by hand, by mail

or by courier.

Choose the orientation and size of your collage according to your budget and the space you have available.


Tell me about your preferences. Specify, for example, the colours or drawings to be highlighted.


Allow 3 to 6 weeks on average depending on the time of year.

I sort the art pieces that will be the basis of your collage and use a wide range of mediums and techniques to ensure they work well together. The result is a unique, colorful, modern and timeless work of art.

Once your collage is finished, you will receive a photo by email for your approval before the finishing phase

(matt or glossy varnish).


Your work of art is then delivered or shipped, both locally and internationally. Delivery or shipping costs

are calculated on a

case-by-case basis.

kids art, children's art, diplay kids art, modern art, transformed kids art, recycled kids art, contemporary art




2000px-BYR_color_wheel.svg_ (1)2.png

sizes + Prices


per square foot

All collages are created on birch wood

panels (1 5/8'” thick).

All sizes are available ranging from 30"x 30" (76.2 x 76.2 cm) to 48"x 72" (122 x 183 cm)

for single panel collages. 


Multiple panel collages are also offered (diptych, triptych...)

The price of collages is calculate at: 

$100 per square foot (929 square centimeters).





I am a painter,collage artist and mother of two boys.

After pursuing my university studies in visual arts in the 1980s, I dedicated myself to

the promotion of emerging artists as co founder and co-owner of two contemporary art galleries. I then set out to explore the world, Asia in particular, which I visited and painted for almost two years.  I reinvented my professional life in 2003 when I became a mother and started painting full time again. Unable to dispose of any of my boys’ art, and there was plenty,  I found a way to recycle their creative outputs by using my boys' drawings and crafts as raw materials and transforming them into timeless, original and impactful works of art! The result was amazing and very contemporary! I had found the way to capture that bounty of creative imagination forever while combining it with my own passions - kids, art, interior design and recycling.

I created Art Collage in 2007 and today, while pursuing my regular art production, I create art collages for many families that want to capture their children's fantastic imagination. I have the most rewarding profession!




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My Family
As seen by my son Ben in 2008