Children Art

Preserving Kids Art for the Generations

There are many methods of preserving kids art, but few of them are truly long term. Even framing children art, without any additional measures, leaves it subject to being bleached by the sun. This can be a big problem because kids art is often made using inexpensive materials that were never originally meant for archiving. Even children art from later years, such as that done by high school students, is often done with media like notebook paper and #2 pencil unless it is produced in an art class.


My collages use wood backings, and I make them using the pieces that are most likely to stand the test of time. The only unsuitable pieces of children art are those on construction paper, silk paper, or that are 3D. Anything else can be turned into a long-lasting collage that is suitable for prominent mounting.


Whether your collage will have a frame is up to you. Frameless art is the modern style, so going without one will capture this look. However. a "floating" glass frame is available, and this is better for keeping the mural from being touched or damaged. If you still have young kids in the house, keeping your older kids' art behind a frame is a good idea.


As with any other art, it's best to hang your new mural out of direct sunlight. You should also avoid areas that are prone to dust. This will help to keep the art from being sun-bleached and keep it from getting dirty over time. With proper care, my method of preserving kids art will keep it looking good for at least a lifetime, and likely longer.


To get started, just contact me here in Quebec, Canada. I'll give you all the details you need to know.

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