Recycling Kids Art

Get a Truly Unique Contemporary Art Collage

Big modern art is in fashion right now, and it looks especially great on a huge wall. However, it can be hard to get a piece that is truly unique. It costs a fortune to commission an artist to make a one-of-a-kind from scratch, so the vast majority of people end up with prints or other reproductions – and this means that anyone can go buy the same thing. This is a problem when it comes to big modern art, because while trends influence which general styles are "in," one of the biggest factors of art's appeal is uniqueness.


There is one way to get a truly unique contemporary art collage without having to take out a second mortgage, and that's to supply the artwork that will be the basis of the finished piece. How can you do this if you aren't an artist? The answer is in that box of your child's art that you've been keeping for years.


I make big modern art pieces from boxes of children's art by using it in collages. My artistic eye arranges the art in exciting ways and makes it so that you'll be happy to display it on your living room wall instead of just putting it on the fridge door. The end result is colorful and vibrant, like modern art should be, and the solid backing of the mural ensures that it'll last for years.


Perhaps best of all, nobody will ever have a mural that is the same as yours, even if they order one from me. That's because their kids will have different art, so any murals made for them will also be different. Every piece is unique and always will be!

Art Collage by Mimi Gravel

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