Display Kids Art

What is a Creative Way to Display Kids Art?

Displaying kids art doesn't have to involve refrigerators and magnets. While that method is fine for short-term display, there is much more that can be done with this art once you have collected enough. For example, it can be turned into a kids art collage that is far more suitable for display on a living room wall than a kitchen appliance.


My kids art collage service turns several pieces of your child's art into one big mural. All you need to do is send me a box of 2-D art without sorting it. I will then arrange it in an artistic way and convert it into a permanent mural that will serve as a long-lasting memento of the years covered by the art.


To get the best results, it's a good idea to collect several pieces before you send them in. If your child has gotten a bit older, this will be easy – you should already have a big collection. However, if your child is still young, you can still get a kids art collage made. Just send me everything from a single year for a keepsake of pieces from that particular time.


When you display kids art this way, it will look like much more than a piece of paper stuck on the fridge. I will use several different pieces, and arrange them into a modern and artistic final piece. You'll definitely want everyone to see them once they are converted like this!


All you need to do to get started is to contact me and discuss what you want your mural to be like, what will be going into it, and how big you want it to be. Then, send me a box of your kid's art, and I'll get started.

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