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Your Children Have Created So Much – What Do You Do with Their Art?

If your child loves to draw and paint, chances are you have many boxes filled with their artwork. What should you do with your kids’ art? They are drawing more all the time, and always getting better. However, their early-life art pieces are lovely mementos that shouldn't just be thrown away or stuffed in an attic.
I have the perfect solution for what to do with kids’ art. I take the pieces you have kept, and turn them into a bold, unique collage. This modern work of art can then be proudly displayed in your home or office for you to enjoy. 
I create art collages in all sizes, to fit the wall space you have available and your budget.
Due to my process of selecting and arranging the original drawings, the end result is a contemporary, abstract looking and colourful work of art. All you need is to send me the box filled with your children’s art and craft items – by hand or by mail – to my studio in Montreal (Beaconsfield), Canada. In three to six weeks, I will turn them into a finished product that is unique. Once you see what is possible, you'll never wonder what to do with your childrens’ art again. It can all be preserved through the one-of-a-kind creations of ArtCollage.

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