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Your Children Have Grown Up Now – What Do You Do with Their Kids Art?

The question of what to do with kids art has plagued parents in Quebec, Canada at least since the invention of paper to draw on. Older children and adults have matured enough to draw very differently, and their new drawings should take the place of the old, yet their early-life art pieces are also mementos that shouldn't just be thrown away or stuffed in an attic.


I have devised the perfect solution for this early-life kids art. I take the pieces you have kept, and turn them into a single beautiful work of artl. This mural can then be hung on the wall as a permanent fixture, while your children's current art takes the position formerly occupied by the grade-school pieces.


Once your kids are grown, you can then have me make a mural of their high-school artwork. This can be displayed next to the other mural to showcase the changes in their artistic abilities, or put in a different area so that both eras are appreciated separately. I make murals in multiple sizes, so you don't have to worry about where to fit them all.


Due to my process of selecting and arranging the original drawings, the end result is a modern art style piece that is very eye-catching and colorful. All you need to do is deliver – by hand or by mail – a box of your children's artworks. In three to six weeks, I will turn them into a finished product that is unique to your kids alone. Once you see one mural, you'll never wonder what to do with kids art again. You'll want to preserve it all, and I'll be glad to make it happen with my unique mural-making process!

Art Collage by Mimi Gravel

Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada

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