Recycling Kids Art

What to Do with Your Boxes of Kids Art

When you hear the word recycling, you likely think of bins that go off to places where paper is ground up and plastic is melted down. However, this is far from what has to happen when recycling kids art is involved. In fact, rather than considering it recycling, it would be more accurate to call it "upcycling."


What I do is take boxes of kids art and turn them into collages worthy of prominent display. These are mounted on wood boards, and can be framed if you so choose. All you need to do is send me enough of your child's artwork. You don't even need to sort them, and in fact, I prefer that you do not. This lets me use my full creative abilities to produce an excellent mural that showcases the art in a vibrant way. You'll be glad to keep it on your wall long after your child has grown up.


By recycling kids art this way, I turn it from personal keepsakes in a box to an heirloom that deserves a place on the living room wall where everyone can see it. Since the original art was created by your child(ren), each mural is totally unique and will remain so forever.


If you have boxes of kids art that you never want to throw away, don't just leave them in an attic or closet. Contact me to learn about my mural-making process, and then send them to me here in Quebec, Canada. In just a few weeks, I will have turned the artworks into a collage that will stand the test of time and draw plenty of positive attention – not just from you, but from everyone who sees it.

Art Collage by Mimi Gravel

Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada

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