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Transforming Kids Art

Get a Truly Unique Contemporary Art Collage

Large format modern art has a timeless appeal, and makes fabulous decoration for wide open space on your walls. However, it can be hard to get an appealing piece that is truly unique. It costs a fortune to commission a fine artist from scratch, so the vast majority of people end up with prints or other reproductions – and this means that anyone can go buy the same thing. If you want something truly original, you can generally expect to pay big.
There is one way to get a truly unique contemporary art collage without having to go into debt, and that's to supply the artwork that will be the basis of the finished piece. How can you do this if you aren't an artist? The answer is in that box of your child's art that you've been keeping for years.
I transform children's art into eye-catching colorful collages that have the appeal of a fine painting. My creativity repurposes the art in exciting ways and crafts it into a singular artwork you will be proud to display. You will be the owner of a Mimi Gravel original your friends will envy and your children will be thrilled to participate in.
Perhaps best of all, nobody will ever have an artwork that is the same as yours, even if they order one from me. That's because their kids will have different art, so any collages made for them will also be different. Your ArtCollage is solely your own, and always will be. 

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